SIM2B data collection completed

At the end of April, the Horizon 2020 research project MAHALO carried out the last of four international simulations, this time with 16 Swedish air traffic controllers at LFV in Malmö. Aiding LFV, project partners from Deep Blue in Italy, CHPR in the Netherlands, and LiU in Sweden supported carrying out the simulations where, among other things, eye movement equipment was used to capture participants visual behaviors.

The SESAR MAHALO project (Modern ATM via Human / Automation Learning Optimisation) aims to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability for enroute ATC conflict detection & resolution (CD&R), and to explore the potential impact of such AI on controller performance, trust, and acceptance.

As part of this project, a group of sixteen LFV enroute controllers took part in live trials at Malmö ATCC during March and April, 2022.The aim of these trials was to simulate intelligent CD&R, and assess controller acceptance, trust, and performance.

Researchers expressed gratitude for LFV’s cooperation, and in particular for the controllers who helped with the trials, which simulated futuristic enroute airspace. Controllers provided valuable feedback, as well as visual attention (eye tracking) data, and performance data. Results of the MAHALO project are expected to be published after summer 2022.

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